Property Pro, Ltd. - We Work Harder

We work harder on fewer assignments...Commercial or Residential.

Commercial Brokerage - We provide services for Tenants and Landlords!
Tenant Services: Focus gets things done faster. 
Lease Review: Let us review your lease and discuss your options/ opportunities
Landlord Services: We will fill your vacancy. Our Tenant relationships from 35 years in business will help you.
Residential Brokerage - Want your home sold or rented?...
We get results!

Condominium Expertise: We are Condominium Experts - who better to sell your condo unit than the management company that knows your unique features and benefits.  We are the best at explaining condo jargon and reduce any buyer fears
Give us a call at (408) 378-1730 or to discuss your situation and brainstorm with us!

For more information, please call Devin Schrock at (408) 378-1730.