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Construction Services Offered

Property Pro, Ltd. has been assisting communities and building owners with great connections to top construction companies for projects of all sizes for over 30 years. What sets us apart?

QUALITY... "Pay for a quality job once and enjoy its benefits for a long time without worry. Try to cut corners and save what amounts to a small percentage of the entire job cost and you end up dealing with defects, maintenance problems, lawyers, and paying to do the job a second time to clean up the mess. We have seen a lot of good people suffer with this mistake."

SUPERVISION... "An experienced professional with a trained eye sees contract deficiencies, flawed techniques and substandard materials that the average person cannot know. Experience and supervision will protect your investment and ensure a quality job from day one."

Options Available

Property Inspection & Recommendation
We have contacts for General Contractor
We have contacts for Construction Supervision
Wide Variety of Projects

Condo & Co-op renovation projects
Office and retail store fit-up
Facade redesign & construction
Restaurant build outs

Wide Variety of Replacement Projects
Siding replacement
Roof replacement
Window replacement
Decking, balcony replacement painting or vinyl siding

Needs assessment, review and construction reports to ensure your satisfaction

On time & on budget
Your life back to normal faster

Safe Choice
Reliable Service provided since 1980
Finding local company’s with a reputation of quality work

Clients Include:
Condo Communities
Condo / Home Owners
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Tenants
Apartment Complexes
Strip Malls / Shopping Centers