Property Pro, Ltd. Services

Property Pro, Ltd. is a full-service real estate management and brokerage firm, providing fee management of real estate assets. Property Pro, Ltd. diversified to include brokerage, a natural extension of the company's property management services.


Anthony Schrock is currently the owner of Property Pro, Ltd., a strong, privately held property Management Company in Los Gatos. Property Pro, Ltd. is a small firm dedicated to filling client’s needs; Mr. Schrock has owned his business since 1980.

Prior to going into business from himself, Mr. Schrock was Vice President and corporate broker of West Valley Property Management Corporation. He was responsible for over 5,000 apartment units in Northern California, 30 Homeowner Associations, 4 offices located in Fresno, San Jose, San Rafael, and Santa Rosa, and supervised a staff of 30 employees, not including on-site resident managers. Currently, we manage our own buildings, commercial building, apartment complexes in Santa Clara Valley and the Peninsula and large and small local homeowner associations (HOA’s).

Mr. Schrock has been in property management since his graduation from San Jose State University where he received his B.S. Degree in Business Administration and Management. His many years of property management experience has included direct responsibilities of major rehabilitation programs, condominium conversions and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) participation in Sections 8 and 223 programs and co-op management. He has also had vast experience in representing clients before a variety of governmental agencies, i.e., planning commissions, Architectural Review Boards, City Councils, Housing and Urban Development, and Rent Control Boards.

Mr. Schrock holds a Real Estate Broker’s License and is a “Certified Property Manager” with the Institute of Real Estate Management which is the designation given by the National Association of Realtors. In addition to these activates. Mr. Schrock served on the Board of Directors of the Tri County Apartment Association and the Board of Directors of the California Apartment Association for over 20 years, and is an associate member of ECHO.

Mr. Schrock coached girls basketball for 10 years at Saratoga High school and now referees High School basketball games for exercise.

Mr. Schrock frequently lectures at local colleges, trade shows and for the Department of Real Estate on the subject of Property Management.

Concurrent with a career in property management, he has actively been selling income property for selective clients as it relates to their needs.

Our Services

We are a professional property management firm with a Certified Property Manager, owner who is also a Real Estate Broker that can handle your individual needs in property management. We offer a full range of services customized to fit your specific needs. A few of our services include:

  • Financial Planning/Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting
  • Administration/ Supervision
  • Vendor Contracts/ Suppliers
  • Common Area Enhancement
  • Resident Relations
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • All Phase Consulting

Whether needing full or part time management, going on a vacation, or just wanting a break from your routine, Property Pro, Ltd. offers the same professional services.


Property Pro, LTD. was founded in 1981 by Anthony R. Schrock, CPM. His goal in establishing his company was to provide his clientele with highly qualified, motivated, hands on management within the field of property management. Over the past 20 years Mr. Schrock has successfully managed thousands of residential, commercial and condominium units, with his small business and staff with hands on style.

We have dealt exclusively within the property management arena since 1973, therefore you are choosing a professional management company that is aware of the unique needs associated with property management, with over 30 years of successful management and credentials to back it.

Realizing time is an important asset; we hope to take the hassles out of managing Homeowners Associations (HOA) or income producing real estate. YOU CONTROL YOUR INVESTMENT WE WILL RUN THE BUSINESS.

Because We are involved with Executive Council of Homeowner (ECHO), the Tri-County Apartment Association (TCAA), and the California Apartment Association (CAA), National Association of Realtors (NAR), Institute of Real Estates Management (IREM) we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and are aware of the latest changes and legislative activities associated with the real estate industry.

We currently successfully manage:

Residential Apartments
Condominium/ Homeowner Associations
Office Buildings
Commercial Building
Residential Rental Homes



1.Welcome Letter for new Homeowners
2.Interface with escrow companies
3.Association correspondence
4.One monthly Board meeting
5.Small Claims, Liens, Foreclosure actions
6.Pursue delinquent homeowner dues
7.Annual Homeowner’s meeting
8.Newsletter and/or minutes to Homeowners
9.Research and review insurance requirements
10.Seeking bids and contracting services


1.Monthly Financial Reports
2.Help in preparing annual budget
3.Review and pay bills
4.Collect monthly Association dues
5.Keep Association books and records
6.Plan reserves and replacement funds
7.Handle payroll, tax reporting
8.Assist CPA’s on Federal and State tax returns
9.Pursue delinquents, via liens, foreclosure and Small claims



a.Landscaping and gardening
b.Irrigation and drainage
c.Lighting and general security
d.Pool service
e.Janitorial and street sweeping service
f.On-site management and staff

2.Maintenance Supervision

a.Streets and sidewalks
b.Fences, walls, and signs
c.Building exterior
d.Refuse service

3.Resolving utility service problems

a.Electric and gas
c.Sewerage service
d.Refuse Service
f.Intercom systems


a.Construction needs
b.Maintenance needs
c.Rehabilitation and enhancement work


1.Property inspections and walkthroughs
2.24 hour personal telephone answering service
3.Questionnaires and fact finding tours
4.Annual meeting and proxies
5.Homeowner register
6.Common courtesies and information
7.Association buffer and business agent
8.Committee liaison


1.Renter occupied units
2.Social events
3.Committee liaison
4.Pet, noise, Parking notices
6.Architectural changes
7.Common area violations
8.Emergency repairs


1.Contracts with developer/builder
2.Recommendations on legal problems
3.Document recording and research
4.Analytical consultation on special problems
5.All above is in summary, and is only a partial list.


Here is a list of references for your review regarding
Anthony R. Schrock, C.P.M. and Property Pro, Ltd.

John Kehriotis 408-249-2500 3,000 Units

Joe De Maria 408-370-1803 38 Units
President, Capri Estates HOA

Ray Tony 408-354-5735 110 Units
President, Los Gatos Commons

Nick Schwartzman 408-379-2979 38 Units
Treasurer, Capri Estates HOA

Dan Suarez 408-835-5937 59 Units
Autumn Ridge HOA

Blanca Pradenas 650-773-0777 78 Units
President, Pomeroy Green Cooperative

Cathy Ridenour 408-377-6326 28 Units
President, Union Ave. HOA

Clementine Noble 408-247-9892 96 Units
San Tomas Estates

Alan Wilcox 408-247-1235 18 Units
Blackford Town Homes

We have additional references should you require them.


“Tony, Debbie, Phaedra, and Devin are just great! I managed my apartment building myself for a period of time. What headaches! Now, with Property Pro, I receive my monthly reports and don’t have to hassle with residents anymore”
-Guido Freschet, Owner

“Hands on service, they go the extra mile to help meet our objectives.”
-Sandy Wilson, President of Place D’Anderegg Condo Association, Los Gatos

“When you call Property Pro, Ltd. they will take care of your needs immediately.”
-Pauline Masi, President of Morgan Park HOA, Campbell

“Property Pro, Ltd’s office is so organized, warm, friendly, and a nice place to stop by for a Board member with questions.”
-Don Rigby, Director of Villa Capri HOA, Los Gatos

“Nice having you back with us! They didn’t know a good thing when they had it!”
-William Stuersel, homeowner at San Tomas Estates Cooperative, San Jose

“I would applaud the wonderful job you have done since you have taken over the responsibility of property management at Canoas Park HOA. I have seen only positive progress and responsiveness since you became our management company. I truly appreciate all you do for the association. Property Pro is an excellent management company and have just done a superb job!”
-Tiffany Fairchild, homeowner at Canoas Park HOA, San Jose


“Property Pro is the right choice for management. It is amazing how they do so much and make it look so easy!”
-Dr. Earl Robinson, Owner

“Property pro can balance so many projects; juggle more action items than a professional juggler, all to completion and with a smile.”
- Dr. Peter Besag, Owner

For more information, please call Devin Schrock at (408) 378-1730.