Property Pro, Ltd. - Investment Porfolio

Why Hire a Property Manager?

We handle the replacement of all advertising-signs, newspaper ads, website advertising, rental lists etc.  The owner is billed for the actual cost of the advertising at low contract rates. 

Leasing Services
We handle and process all calls from the advertising.  We require a thorough and detailed rental application to be completed.  Once received, it is processed and a background check is conducted.  All of this information is carefully evaluated before approving a prospective tenant.  Move in/out inspections are conducted.  We handle all move-in paperwork, lease enforcement, fines and evictions. 

We collect rents and provide statements on a monthly basis.  Rental amounts are reviewed at the end of each lease period to ensure the owner is receiving its best income potential according to the market conditions.

Tenant Relations
Your tenant is our priority.  We work hard to maintain a professional relationship with each and every tenant.  Our philosophy is simple-service.  That single word, service, captures all we stand for:  service to our owners, service to the tenants, service to our vendors who supply goods and services to our communities. 

Emergency Maintenance and Service Line
Our emergency maintenance line gives our owners and renters a way of reaching Property Pro, Ltd. at all times after the office is closed for the evening.  The emergency line is on 7 days a week once the lines are turned over.  Maintenance emergencies will be sent to our operator who will contact one of our on-call property managers to contact one of our experienced handy men or vendor.

Security deposits are deposited to owners accounts.

A monthly statement will be sent to you showing your rental income, management fees, any expenses and cash flow to the owners.

For more information or a proposal for management of your investment property, please contact Devin Schrock (408) 378-1730