Property Pro, Ltd. - Maintenance Emergency and Non-Emergency Info

* Non-Emergency * Emergency * Owner Maintenance Services *

Emergency Service

Whenever you have a building / related emergency please call Property Pro, Ltd.
Emergency Hotline.

(408) 378-1730

Our answering service operator is available to answer and direct your call to an on call manager 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

What is an Emergency?
Water intrusion / Leaks
Elevator Out
Security/ Entry / Garage
Fire Alarms Ringing
Power Outages
Broken Glass / Windows

What is not an Emergency?
Any situation in which the safety and security of the property and /or its tenants is NOT compromised, and/or does NOT require immediate action. These situations are more a nuisance or inconvenience. These include:
Lost unit keys / locked out of unit
Satellite or Cable out
Garbage not picked up
Someone Parked in your space
Landscaping issues
Accounting issues
Disclosure / Sales / Refinance

Non-Emergency Services
The Best way to request a non-emergency service from Property Pro, Ltd. is to simply fill out maintenance request on our web-site and or send an email to or call (408) 378–1730.

Owner Maintenance Services
Property Pro, Ltd can provided our Condo/Townhouse/Commercial units direct number for the follow services.

General Handyperson / Repairs
Plumbing Repairs / Replacement
Lock Repairs / Replacement
Electrical Repairs / Replacement
Tiling / Grouting / Caulking
Light Carpentry / Remodeling

To initiate a work Request Call:

You can Contact Property Pro, Ltd. which is as simply as filing out a maintenance request on our web-site and or send an email to or call (408) 378 – 1730.