Property Pro, Ltd. - Why Hire Us?


Managing your property successfully can face many challenges!

Whether you’re a member of a Condo Association Board or a commercial property owner, frustrating property mgmt problems include:

  • Workload increasing
  • More time required
  • Facility breakdowns & recurring maintenance problems
  • Increasing expenses or wasting money
  • Income getting squeezed
  • Unhappy owners or tenants
  • Increasing vacancies
  • Increased difficulty collecting past due monies

There IS a better way. You should not have to get overloaded with the day-to-day issues. Depending upon your management in place, you should be able to direct the manager, but let them do their job. An appropriate balance! You want a property manager that is professional, knowledgeable, educated on the issues… an expert trained in the operations of a property like yours.

Problems we solve:

  • Unresponsive communication
  • High operating expenses & budget overruns
  • High past due collections
  • Increasing utility expenses
  • Recurring maintenance problems
  • Construction & structural projects
  • Poorly managed onsite staff


Life is easier! Effective property mgmt greatly reduces complaints from owners and tenants. You get recognized for competent leadership, keep your property well-maintained and in top shape, all while keeping expenses in-line and under control.

Property Types We Manage:

Community Associations (condominiums, co-ops and home owner associations)
Commercial Buildings (strip centers, office, industrial, mixed use and multi-family)
Single Units (family homes & condo units)

Management Service Options to Fit Your Needs:

Value Plan Mgmt – We provide a focused list of essential services on a fixed budget. You can expand services as needed. Best for the needs of smaller properties.
“Hands On” Mgmt – We provide more dedicated Manager Time on fixed payment. Best for the needs of larger properties.
Professional Certification – Training – Problem-Solving:
Smart People - We hire property managers & staff who have a background in buildings and real estate
Nationally Trained & Certified - All managers complete a training and certification program - for example some managers choose Certified Property Manager (CPM) Community Association Institute's (CAI) Certified Manager of Community Associations CMCA or the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) for commercial property managers.
In House Training Program - Lunchtime Q&A Series – We invite expert guests such as lawyers, accountants, insurance professionals, architects and engineers to our office to discuss the latest techniques and lessons learned with our staff
Learn from Experience - Property management "best practices" and commercial and investment real estate techniques are kept current thru memberships to organizations like the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) or California Apartment Association (CAA)
Team Problem Solving - Our people meet with structural, maintenance, finance, brokerage and management experts to collectively solve your problems.
For Condo Association and Commercial Property Mgmt Services: Devin Schrock - New Business Development (408) 378 – 1730 or